buggy scripting in 3.86

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#1 : 27/09-20 09:50
Michael Beckett
Michael Beckett
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i had to revert to previous version 3.85. from what i can figure out debugging, a script string variable just randomly lost its value. several lines later, the whole script stopped.. no error message at all... just quit. its not my script... on one line the value is there, the next line its not and there has been nothing to change its value in my script.

i've also had an issue where, for example, i have 3 files loaded and the script didn't work at all. i remove a file off the list and the script magically works on the other two. shouldn't each file on the list be independent of each other?

27/09-20 09:50
#2 : 27/09-20 20:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I would like to see your script. Can you sent it to me by email? You can find my email address by clicking Support in the menu. I would also like to know what type of files you are renaming.

27/09-20 20:34