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#1 : 07/10-20 09:49
Mohammad Taleb
Mohammad Taleb
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Advanced Renamer v3.86 (x64)

Settings >> Explorer Context Menu (checked)

Not Working, with Windows 10 version 1909 (OS Build 18363.1082) 64-bit

For your information, Advanced Renamer v3.85 (x86) "Settings >> Explorer Context Menu (checked)" work perfectly

Find a solution, please


Mohammad Taleb

07/10-20 09:49
#2 : 07/10-20 12:26
David Lee
David Lee
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This feature still works if you install the 32-bit version of the software. Uninstall the 64-bit version first otherwise you will finish up with both versions installed.

However there appear to be are a lot of bugs in version 3.86 so until Kim issues another update I recommend that you return to the previous version (3.85) This is also 32-bit so, as above, uninstall you existing 64-bit version first.

Download older versions from www.advancedrenamer.com/download_older

07/10-20 12:26
#3 : 08/10-20 13:08
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #2:
I know explorer context menu isn't working in the 64 bit version and that some values are not available in the JS engine. I am not aware of any other bugs introduced by version 3.86. If you know of "a lot of bugs", I would like to know, so that they can get fixed. I expect to release again this weekend.

08/10-20 13:08
#4 : 08/10-20 14:19
David Lee
David Lee
Posts: 542
Reply to #3:

Hi Kim

I found a number of issues in the Script method. However I soon reverted to ver 3.85 and now I can only recollect a couple of them. However the others may well be included amongst your known issues in the JS engine so I'll wait until you release the next version before investigating again.

1) Context menu (right click) no longer contains the Copy command

2) app.log will no longer return the result of a match unless it is presented as a subscripted array

name = "filename1";
match = name.match(/(.{4})(.*)\w*/);
return match;

Previously app.log would return "file,name,name1"
and the script would return the same string

However in ver 3.86 app.log(match) throws the error: "Invalid script: Invalid post script: 'uncaught: 'Argument 0 : expected string type but got type "object"

If the app.log statement is removed then the script will still return "file,name,name1"

08/10-20 14:19