Import csv for find and replace?

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#1 : 11/10-20 07:11
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Can import be used to "List Replace"

I would like to search for part of the file name and have it replaced,

I have all the partial names and replacements in a csv file

I see that I can manually add each individual file name and replacement,

but when I import, it wants the complete file name

11/10-20 07:11
#2 : 11/10-20 09:20
David Lee
David Lee
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Unfortunately not. The only solution that I have come up with is to hard-code all the replacements into a script using the string.replace() method. You can easily build all the necessary lines of code from your existing csv file using Excel (or open-source equivalent) and paste them into a script. See my comment in forum post:

For details of the replace() method see:

11/10-20 09:20