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#1 : 12/10-20 00:20
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I have a spreadsheet where I am want to rename images the current csv is a following

The current image names are random, see rows might have 3 images and other might have 20
Header Item #, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Row 1 123, sdf.jpg, oqwk.jpg, oisdfok.jpg, dka.jpg
Row 2 124, qwe.jpg, oqpq.jpg, iooq.jpg

I would like to rename the images to match the Item #, so for example

Header Item #, Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4
Row 1 123, 123-1.jpg, 123-2.jpg, 123-3.jpg, 123-4.jpg
Row 2 124, 124-1.jpg, 124-2.jpg, 124-3.jpg

Is it possible to have Advanced Renamer to handle this?

12/10-20 00:20
#2 : 12/10-20 01:22
David Lee
David Lee
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Use your spreadsheet program of choice to re-order your old and new names into two columns (old and new names) then import into Advanced Renamer.

12/10-20 01:22
#3 : 12/10-20 16:18
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Reply to #2:

So I would have to do this for each column of photos? So if 1 item as 10 images I would have to do it 10 times?

12/10-20 16:18
#4 : 12/10-20 19:36
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:
Whether you consider it a good solution will depend upon the number of files you need to rename and how proficient you are with Excel (or similar). If you don't have too many items then "Paste special -Transpose" and auto - incrementing will be a help along with drag & drop.

However, what you should aim for is a list in the format (with or without a header line):

123-1, sdf.jpg
123-2, oqwk.jpg
123-3, oisdfok.jpg
123-4, dka.jpg
124-1, qwe.jpg
124-2, oqpq.jpg
124-3, iooq.jpg

Then you can use the Import Files method to import the files. ARen will then automatically set up a List method to rename the files (from column 2) based on the new names (from column 1).

12/10-20 19:36