change month name to month number

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#1 : 25/10-20 13:25
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i have this file pattern

SimpleFileA Jun 19, 2020.mp4
SimpleFileS Jan 19, 2020.mp4

i would like to change month name to month number & rename them to this pattern


how can I do that?

25/10-20 13:25
#2 : 25/10-20 23:19
David Lee
David Lee
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One way is to use the List replace method to rename the months - one line for each month...

Replace Jan with 01
Replace Feb with 02
Replace Mar with 03
Replace Dec with 12

Then use a Replace method (in the same batch) to rearrange...

Replace: (\w*) (\d{2}) (\d{2}), (\d{4})
With: \4.\2.\3.\1
Use regular expressions

25/10-20 23:19