2015 vs 5 1 vs any number that includes numbers 1 or 1

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#1 : 28/10-20 23:41
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I am trying to address an issue with filenames....

Avatar (2015) Audio 5 1 as example

if I set 5 1 to remove it also removes 15 from 2015...

What thing simple am I missing to allow removal of 5 1 and not remove 15 or any matching number in file name.....

Any help is very much appreciated !

Newb to this and love love love the tool...it has made my life so much easier and productive....


28/10-20 23:41
#2 : 29/10-20 09:45
David Lee
David Lee
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Your request doesn't make any sense.

Replace " 5 1" with nothing would solve your example but that is so obvious that it can't be your problem!

What on earth do you mean by "any number that includes numbers 1 or 1"

29/10-20 09:45
#3 : 07/11-20 03:20
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Reply to #2:

Example #1:

Folder = A Space Program (2015) {1080p] [BluRay]

Resulting rename = A Space Program 201080p

[BluRay] goes away but (2015) gets modified....

I would like it to rename to A Space Program (2015) 1080p

Example #2:

Folder MI-5 (2015) [1080p] [BluRay] [5.1]

Resulting rename = MI5 201080p

I'd like to keep MI-5 but some how that gets modified as well

I just want to remove [5.1]

Sorry for not being more specific.......


07/11-20 03:20
#4 : 08/11-20 12:19
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:
Your description is still very confused - and how on earth do you expect anyone to help you sort out what you are doing wrong if you don't make the effort to tell us what you have tried!

First I'm assuming that you have mistyped your first example and that "{1080p]" should have been "[1080p]".

If so then...
Replace: "\[(.*?)\].*"
With: "\1"
Use regular expressions

Depending on what you actually want this may work for both examples.

However if you really mean that you want to remove only " [5.1]" (ie keep " [BluRay]") then...
Replace: " \[\d\.\d]"
with: leave blank
Use regular expressions

\d.\d will match any two digit decimal number in the format "x.y"

08/11-20 12:19