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#1 : 11/11-20 19:28
Ken Horner
Ken Horner
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When I download albums, a folder is created using the album name and the tracks are put inside that folder.
I have figured out how to rename the files and the folder, but I am having to do it in 2 operations.

I have created 7 methods. the first 5 do the file re-naming and replacing unwanted characters of the files inside the folder.

<ID3 Artist> - <DirName:1> - <Name>
set upper case first letter
replace "_" with a space
replace "." with "-"

the last 2 methods rename the folder
<ID3 Artist> - <album>
replace "_" with a space

So I add the files with the add button under the rename files tab, then add the folders with the add folders under the rename folders tab.

In the method pane I check the five methods and uncheck the 6, and 7 methods then click the start batch button.

Then uncheck the first five methods and check the 6 and 7 click the rename folders tab and click start batch.

Question is can I do this in just one operation and if so how?

Thanks Ken
P.S. This is My first day using AR, so far I love it.

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#2 : 16/11-20 13:27
James E. McBride
James E. McBride
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Reply to #1:
I don't think that there is a way to do that as the program currently stands, but I have an idea for an upgrade to the program that would take care of this issue.

Rather than have the question 'Add the files in the folders' or 'Add the folders' when you add a combination of files and folders......

Why not have a setting on each Method, very similar to the setting that is there already where it asks 'Apply To'. Right now, that setting has 2 options, 'Filename' and 'Extension'. Why not add 'Folder' to that dropdown list?
There may even be some more subtleties to that idea that I am missing that could make it even better, but that is definitely a start.
That way, you could have a list of Methods that apply to files and also one for folders.

Dev, does this sound like a good idea?

16/11-20 13:27
#3 : 21/11-20 13:47
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Dear AR users,

I am new to this wonderful utility and have a similar task to do.

I want to append the literal "MP3" to each folder that contains mp3 files.

How to do this?
Hints are welcome. 😏


21/11-20 13:47