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#1 : 16/11-20 13:41
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I am trying to rename my whole library of photos using EXIF data. Specifically I'm trying to use Image year, month, day, hour, minute, second, sub-second, camera make, camera model as the file name.
However, one of the cameras used is a Samsung and the model is WB250F/WB251F/WB252F in the EXIF data. This throws up the illegal filename character error (102).
Is there any way I can pull in the camera model data but limit it to the first 6 characters so it doesnt try to write the illegal character ?



16/11-20 13:41
#2 : 17/11-20 10:08
David Lee
David Lee
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You could do this using a script but it will be easier just to add another method to remove part of the new filename. Simplest would be to remove or replace the offending character - but there are many ways you could sort this out.

Try reading the User Guide!

17/11-20 10:08