New Case: No Chance to get the style I want

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#1 : 26/11-20 02:01
Martin Jung
Martin Jung
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Hi, ive got a problem whitch the "New Case" Feature, because there is none option to solve my Problem.

For Example, I have 4 Files:

2020-10-01 AB & CD - Ef Gh.txt
2020-10-02 Ij Kl & Mn Op - Qr St Uv.txt
2020-10-03 Wx Yz & Ab Cd - Ef Gh Ij.txt
2020-10-04 KL MN, OP QR & ST UV - Wx Yz.txt

I simply want to have "Set Upper Case first letterin every word", but it does not work for example [1] and [4].

They are not renamed by the Tool - AB & CD gets not renamed to "Ab & Cd". It stays at complete Upper Case for the whole word.

26/11-20 02:01
#2 : 26/11-20 08:23
David Lee
David Lee
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It is working but it is a bit confusing.

"Set upper case first letter in every word" does exactly what it says, but you want to "Set upper case first letter in every word AND set all other letters to lower case".

To do this you need to use two New Case methods:
1) "Set lower case"
2) "Set upper case first letter in every word"

26/11-20 08:23 - edited 26/11-20 10:10