How do i make long file names shorter?

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#1 : 29/11-20 22:12
Shan Jay
Shan Jay
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I have a bunch of folders that contain files name like this (as an example);

So the length of each file name varies. What I would like to do is trim them down to a certain number of characters. Is it possible to rename them in the following way - even if they all have varying lengths?

I would like just 2 letters at the beginning of each word to remain and the rest removed.

29/11-20 22:12
#2 : 30/11-20 00:47
David Lee
David Lee
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This is an interesting conundrum and was fun to sort out!

Replace: [^\.]{2}\K[^\.]*(\.|$)
With: \1
Occurrence: All
Use regular expressions

[^\.]{2} matches two non-dot characters.

\K instructs the regex not to include the previously matched characters in the final match (so they are not removed).

[^\.]*(\.|$) matches any number of non-dot characters up to and including a dot or the end of the filename and the parentheses mean that the final matched character (dot or null) is saved as \1.

The match repeats until the end of the filename is reached.

30/11-20 00:47 - edited 30/11-20 10:12
#3 : 01/12-20 21:24
Shan Jay
Shan Jay
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Reply to #2:

Thanks, worked perfectly!

01/12-20 21:24