Support for .MTS video files?

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#1 : 30/11-20 23:21
Terry Gee
Terry Gee
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Would it be possible to add support for renaming .MTS video files, which are produced by Sony and other cameras, by date and time recorded? Mediainfo shows this information as 'recorded date'. Date created usually works, but is sometimes wrong if the file has been copied.

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#2 : 01/12-20 00:21
David Lee
David Lee
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Have you tried using ExifTool tags in Advanced Renamer? I believe that ExifTool supports MTS file metadata.

You can check available metadata and determine tag names by selecting an MTS file in the List and clicking the ExifTool button. You can then use <ExifTool:tagname> tags in renaming methods.

Info on the web suggests that you probably need to look for "DateTimeOriginal" in ann MTS file.

If you have to use Windows date/time tags then Date Modified is usually more reliable; Date Created refers to the date that Windows created the file so that it will be reset when a file is copied.

01/12-20 00:21