Visual Bug, some items appear hidden by "Output folder"

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#1 : 07/12-20 03:19
Sean Grogan
Sean Grogan
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A while back I wrote a 'feature request' to store output folders, but for whatever reason, the feature I want appears hidden by the by the output folder bar

Image :

it looks like there are two buttons obscured by the bar and the last one is the feature I wanted.

I am running version 3.87 and have a 1440p monitor (2560x1440)

07/12-20 03:19
#2 : 07/12-20 08:28
David Lee
David Lee
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I've just compared the behaviour with ver 3.84 that I have on an older computer and this does appear to be a new bug. Kim will probably pick this up from the Forum but in case he doesn't it would be worth dropping him an email at

In the meantime a workaround is to pick up the separator between the method and file lists and drag it far over to the right. With a bit of fiddling you can reveal the three hidden buttons - although not necessarily all at the same time.

07/12-20 08:28