How can add parenthesis to a number in the name of the file

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#1 : 11/12-20 12:25
Pepe Illo
Pepe Illo
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I have my files like this: "1964 El último reloj - Edgar Allan Poe2

and I want to change by this "El último reloj - Edgar Allan Poe (1964)"

Any idea how can I do this?

11/12-20 12:25
#2 : 11/12-20 12:39
Pepe Illo
Pepe Illo
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I have found how to do it....

11/12-20 12:39
#3 : 12/12-20 18:17
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Hello Pepe Illo, I'd be glad if you could show me how you did it,

12/12-20 18:17
#4 : 12/01-21 05:24
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ereme, hope its not too late to answer. Use the Replace method with a regular expression. Your commands should be:-

Replace: (\d{4})
with: (\1)

Leave everything else at default

It should rename your file, "Movie 1993 ratings 7.8.mkv" to "Movie (1993) ratings 7.8.mkv" because you are instructing to search for a value of 4 numerals and encasing them in parenthesis. Hope it helps.

I was a user of BRU, but it does not move files to the parent folders so I switched to AR. This is my 1st day using it. I know its not for the faint hearted, but its powerful and gets the job done. I know its not easy to find info about what you are trying to accomplish. I especially signed up to answer your question. Also I wanted to save heartaches for other users. Kudos to the developer. God bless him/her. Great tool. I wish it were as GUI friendly as BRU, but I'll be using AR from now on. Also I wish it had the power to delete files and folder. That maybe for an important reason. One is allowed to have wishful thinking though.

12/01-21 05:24
#5 : 12/01-21 14:13
David Lee
David Lee
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It's not quite so straightforward!

Your solution merely adds parentheses around the date. The original request was to move the date to the end of the filename and also to remove a digit from the end of the original filename...
eg 1964 El último reloj - Edgar Allan Poe2 ->El último reloj - Edgar Allan Poe (1964).

To achieve this you will need...

Replace: (^\d{4}) ((.*?)\d+$|(.*))
With: \3\4 (\1)

This will remove any number of digits from the end of the filename and will also work if the filename does not end with a digit.

I recommend as a resource for more advanced regular expressions.

Kim's over-riding philosophy is that ARen should not perform any operation that cannot be reversed by "Undo Previous Batch", which would preclude deletion of files and folders. A simple workaround is to use ARen to MOVE unwanted files or folders to a suitable junk folder and then delete the contents of that folder using Windows Explorer.

12/01-21 14:13 - edited 14/01-21 13:52