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#1 : 22/02-13 03:57
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Edit - just saw someone asked something similar before. I'm wondering if a script could be written to do this. But that's beyond me.

I have a bunch of folders, each containing multiple pictures (JPEGs) in them. I would like to rename the folders to a date, such as "YYYY_MM_DD" that is based on the date of the pictures within the folder. For example, rename the folder to the date of a picture within it that has the newest modified by date.

All of the folders were moved from one hard drive to another and have a created and modified date that is not the original date. I can get the individual pictures to rename based on the Modified date.

Thanks for any help. Could do it manually, but it's 450 folders!

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#2 : 25/02-13 03:43
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This can be done using the Output Folder option at the top of the page.

Start with the directory you want these to be placed in


Then click on the <> option to the right where you can add parameters to the end of your directory that will create the folder based on the date found in the picture.

I think the parameters you're looking for is <Year Modified>_<Month Modified> etc

So it would look something like this:

c:\renamed_files\<Year Modified>_<Month Modified>_<Day Modified>\

Hope that helps!

25/02-13 03:43
#3 : 10/03-13 15:46
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Thanks for responding. The problem is this method uses the modified date of the folders. When I moved my pictures from an old hard drive, all of the folders now have the exact same date created and date modified. Only the individual pictures retained the original date from when they were taken.

10/03-13 15:46
#4 : 16/03-13 17:30
Adam Stevenson
Adam Stevenson
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I have just moved a lot of photos from a old laptop to a newfolder and they was a bunch of photos that had just been copied off the camera without any folder structure.

I used the move files to move all the files to a new folder based on thier modified time

T:\images\Dump\<Year Modified>-<Month Modified>-<Day Modified>\

This moved all the files in to the respective folder depending on the date it was modified.


If you are trying to rename the folder based on the date of a the first or oldest image then it will not work.

16/03-13 17:30