Wildcard for one character?

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#1 : 28/02-13 11:27
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Hi! I'm trying to change the pattern for how the date on some folders show up, from "20130101 Folder" to "2013-01-01 Folder", using Replace, but when I put in a wildcard (2013* ) it takes away all characters before the space. Is there a way to get a one character wildcard, or is there some better way altogether to use instead?

28/02-13 11:27
#2 : 28/02-13 11:34
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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A simple way to add dashes to dates is to use the Replace method and configure it like this:
Text to be replaced: (\d\d\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d)
Replace with: \1-\2-\3
Use regular expressions: checked

The \d character is used to represent one digit (0-9). The \1, \2, and \3 is used to represent the matched value of a group in the pattern. A group is defined by ().

28/02-13 11:34
#3 : 28/02-13 12:38
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That worked perfectly, thanks!

28/02-13 12:38