"Files from CSV" bug - incorrect matching

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#1 : 11/01-21 18:47
Andy C.
Andy C.
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This one is tricky but repeatable.
Information is cached in the software from a previous batch. If the "base folder for original files" remains unchanged from the previous batch, then data from that batch is used in the current batch regardless if the files and "Filename CSV" (file used to cross reference existing/new filenames).

Workflow and setup:
I plot a progress set of drawings to PDF every week, and then use AutoRenamer to rename. I have a directory setup specifically for this task. This is the directory used in Import>Files from CSV>Base folder... I created a new CSV to incorporate any new drawings/PDFs in the batch, keep in mind many of the files to be renamed were similar to the previous batch. After running this batch many files were mismatched and received the wrong (new) filename. It appears the names were matched with last weeks file list somehow - since quantities were different names didn't align with mystery 'cached' data.

The Fix:
The only thing that seemed to correct the issue was to change "Base folder..." file path. I tried a new CSV and couple other things.

11/01-21 18:47