Word swap problem (Newbie needs help)

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#1 : 14/01-21 15:23
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Maybe for some experts this is an easy task,
but somehow i was confused because i only used it for a few days
and i know nothing about scripts,

I'm having a problem to swap file names,
for example i want to change this name:

Metallica - 01 - Pre-Grammy rehearsal (Feat. Lady Gaga).mp3
Metallica - 02 - The Final Bell Tolls (Feat. Europe).mp3

to this name:

Metallica Feat. Lady Gaga - 01 - Pre-Grammy rehearsal.mp3
Metallica Feat. Europe - 02 - The Final Bell Tolls.mp3

Is there a way to make this happen in Advanced Renamer?
Help would be much appreciated.
Thanks :)

14/01-21 15:23
#2 : 14/01-21 17:35
David Lee
David Lee
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This is straightforward to accomplish using the Replace method with a Regular Expression.

Replace: (.*)( -.*- )(.*) \((.*)\)
With: \1 \4\2\3
Check: Use regular expressions

You should be able to sort out how this works if you read the entry in the User Guide at:
(particularly read "A more advanced example").


".*" matches any number of any characters

Enclosing a "sub-pattern" in parentheses means that the matched string is saved in a variable: \1, \2 etc, which can be used in the replacement string.

Since characters such as parentheses have special meanings in a regular expression they must be "escaped" by prefixing with "\" in order to represent themselves.

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#3 : 15/01-21 02:44
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Reply to #2:
wow it works like magic... thanks a lot, mate

15/01-21 02:44