License doesn't work (can't connect to server)

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#1 : 17/01-21 11:41
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I've been using AdvancedRenamer for a while now and while I think the UI could look more modern, the program itself is very nice.
I especially like the renaming option with TVMaze.

So I've now decided to purchase a license but now that I want to register it says "Communication error with the server".
What gives?! This is not cool...

I have emailed the admin. Hopefully I can get a response soon or I will see if I can open a dispute and get my money back.
Would be unfortunate if I have to go that far though.

17/01-21 11:41
#2 : 18/01-21 13:03
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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If you write me an email I can help you out. You find my email address on the Support page.

18/01-21 13:03
#3 : 18/01-21 18:11
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Contacted admin and license file was sent. Now I've got it registered.
Thanks admin!

18/01-21 18:11