Batch rename one type of files to match another file type??

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#1 : 24/01-21 14:23
Steve Bank
Steve Bank
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I am trying to rename files of one type in a folder to match files of another file type. Example below:

Project 27-ep01 Pilot 1080p H265 AAC-Stereo.MP4
Project 27-ep01 TXT
Project 27-ep02 Name of episode two 1080p H265 AAC-Stereo.MP4
Project 27-ep02.TXT
Project 27-ep03 Name of episode three 1080p H265 AAC-Stereo.MP4
Project 27-ep03.TXT
Project 27-ep04 Name of episode four 1080p H265 AAC-Stereo.MP4
Project 27-ep04.TXT

I would think there is a way to do an 'If, Then' kind of routine, so that if the first X number of characters match (15 in this case) then the TXT files are renamed to match the MP4 files.

I just cannot figure out how to do it with this program.

Thanks in advance for any help!

24/01-21 14:23
#2 : 24/01-21 16:51
David Lee
David Lee
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You could do this using a Pre-batch script but a much easier way will be to add the MP4 files only into the filename list, select the "List" method and then "Populate list". This will save the original filenames in the List method.

Now clear the filename list and add the txt files only, ensuring that they are in the same order in the list as were the MP4 files.

The txt files will be renamed with the corresponding filenames saved in the first step.

EDIT: An easy way to enter the files into the list is to "Add Directory", select your folder and use a mask. eg Project*.MP4 in step 1 then Project*.txt in step 2

24/01-21 16:51 - edited 24/01-21 17:00