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Is there a way with this that I can it to look a list of files and create a folder based on the first 7 characters and move the files into the folder automatically after renaming them?



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#2 : 04/02-21 18:49
David Lee
David Lee
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You can select a New Path for each file using a script method with the following code:

item.newPath = item.path +,7);

This will move each file into a sub-folder within the existing directory named according to the first characters of each filename, up to a maximum of 7 characters.

You can rename the files within the same script or using any renaming method.

If you want to use the first 7 characters of the new name then use the code:

item.newPath = item.path + item.newName.slice(0,7);

If you have files with shorter names that you do not wish to move then you will require some extra code to check the filename length.

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thanks a lot.

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