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#1 : 10/02-21 18:36
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I have a lot of school videos in folders and they need to be renumberd with Zeros in front of them
What i figured out is how to make a 1. Start to an 01. Start

But my folder Structure looks like this:

1. Chapter 1
-1. Start.mp4
-2. chapter1Next.mp4
2. Chapter 1
-1. Start.mp4
-2. chapter2Next.mp4

-- If i renumber them the numbers those in chapter 2 are subsequent to chapter 1
(like 28.chapter2Next.mp4)

Right now i have to drag&drop every single folder and press "start batch"

Is there an easier way to do this?


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#2 : 10/02-21 18:47
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Reply to #1:
I figured it out just if someone else needs this:
-Choose Renumber
-Then Changes are relative to existing number
-zero padding: manual

10/02-21 18:47