Replace Metadata title with filename

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#1 : 08/03-21 17:57
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I have been looking into the metadata possibilities with the ExifTool, however, I don't see how to change the metadata to copy the filename as the title of the file.

Has anyone tried to do this?

I am trying to do this to help PLEX when scanning files and looking up info on IMdB

Thank you

08/03-21 17:57
#2 : 12/03-21 14:49
David Lee
David Lee
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Please explain more clearly what you are trying to do.

I assume that you have read the UserGuide and understand how to use ExifTool tags. If the standard renaming methods are not suitable then you will probably be able to solve your problem with a script.

12/03-21 14:49
#3 : 16/03-21 16:45
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Reply to #2:

Hi David,

Yes, I have gone through the User Guide and knowledge base. I don't see how to change the information stored in the metadata like "Title" or "Comments".

I have used Advanced Renamer to rename the file the way I wanted, for example:
Hook (1991)

However, when playing on VLC or on PLEX, the following appears:

This information is stored in the properties of the file. (Properties / Details / Description / Title)
What script can I use so that the filename is used to replace the metadata title and/or comment?

Thank you

16/03-21 16:45