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#1 : 28/03-21 19:06
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Hi guys!
I have a problem Im trying to rename a lot of files and trying to do something like this :
First file: Venice Beach Volleyball (Asia) (Ja) (Unl).png
New file name : Venice Beach Volleyball.png
I can do this by myself with \(.*\) but the problem starts when there are 3 more files like First file i mentioned:
Venice Beach Volleyball (Asia) (Ja) (Unl).png
Venice Beach Volleyball (Asia) (Ja).png
Venice Beach Volleyball (USA).png
so when Im trying to rename it gaves same name error.but its not important for me to keep all 3 files i just want 1 new file which is like this: Venice Beach Volleyball.png and i dont have a problem if windows replaces the files with 1 file cuz they are all the same with different names.also i dont care if windows replace files with new names like:
Venice Beach Volleyball.png
Venice Beach Volleyball(1).png
Venice Beach Volleyball(2).png
cuz i only need file without () and the program refuses to rename files with same new name.
So is there any options to bypass Error(109) possibility of multiple files with the same name?and rename at any cost?

28/03-21 19:06
#2 : 29/03-21 00:06
David Lee
David Lee
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You need to set the Name collision rule to something other than "Fail".

Read the User Guide:

together with the update in version 3.87:

Since all your duplicate files are identical the best solution would be to set the Name collision rule to "Ignore" then only one duplicate will be renamed and the others ignored. If you select Batch mode = "Move" then you can move all the renamed files into a separate subfolder at the same time.

29/03-21 00:06