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#1 : 31/03-21 12:16
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Hello! I have a lot of files name like "FolderName_FileName". I want them to be in folder "FolderName" and files in that folder with "FileName". I have created folders "FolderName_FileName" with each file in it named exactly like folder. When I try to rename folder just to "FolderName" I get error 109 (Possibility of multiple files with same file name). Is there any way to rename multiple folders to same name, so if there is already folder with same name just to put file in already created folder?

31/03-21 12:16
#2 : 31/03-21 14:34
David Lee
David Lee
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Simplest solution is to use Batch mode: Move to move the renamed files into the desired folders - the folders will be created if they don't already exists.

Set Batch mode = Move
Output folder = C:\pathname\<Substr:1:_>

Method = New name
New name = <RSubstr:1:_>

Set C:\pathname\ to point to the root folder where you want all your new subfolders to be located.

If the pathname is omitted (ie you set Output folder = <Substr:1:_> in this case) then each new subfolder will be created in the same folder as the corresponding original file.

31/03-21 14:34