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#1 : 02/04-21 14:02
Jens Fridsén
Jens Fridsén
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This is a great tool and I'm trying to use it to put the original dates created from the filename of movies I've recently converted. But I can not understand how to use the tags and how to ignore text in the file names.

I have read the manual several times and tested but do not succeed so please help me someone who can! This is the function I try to use d_timestamp

The file names have the following patterns
and I want to ignore the first part DV001_
take the second part 20000413 and identify as the date 2000-04-13
then I want to set the same time on all files to 12:00.
So for this specifik file the Date Created should be 2000-04-13 12:00

It would have been great if you could also save the original file name in one of the file's attributes such as comment or similar.

For example i have tryd this pattern <Substr:7:8> 12:00:00 but can not get a correct format.

Would be really very grateful if I get help with this !!

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#2 : 02/04-21 14:58
David Lee
David Lee
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Sorting out how to set timestamps from file patterns is rather like playing Dungeons and Dragons!

You can't set any of the date/time fields to specific values from the Filename pattern option so you will have to set time and date using two separate Timestamp methods.

1) Set the time with an arbitrary (valid)date...
"Absolute date and time": 1 1 1 12 0 0

2) Set the date only from the Filename pattern:
Pattern = _,Year><Month><Day>

Unfortunately ARen can only set the Attributes Archive, Readonly, Hidden & System.

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