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#1 : 04/04-21 10:12
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Hello, i like this Software very much, but now i ask for some help:

My Satellite-Receiver records TV-Broadcast in a Folder:

The Files in this Folder are named only with Numbers:

Is it possible to give the Files the Name of their Folder by keeping the Number, or giving new Number?

(Sorry for my bad english)

Thank you,


04/04-21 10:12
#2 : 05/04-21 09:48
David Lee
David Lee
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Should be obvious if you can read the User Guide.

Try New Name: <DirName>_<Name>

However if you just want to use the first part of the folder name (ie the part before the "_") - which would be "Name" in your example - then use two methods in the batch...

1) New Name: <DirName>

2) Replace:
Text to be replaced: ([^_]*).*
Replace with: \1_<Name>
Use regular expressions

05/04-21 09:48
#3 : 13/04-21 15:54
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Reply to #2:
"Should be obvious if you can read the User Guide."

Yes, you are right, if I had the patience to read the User Guide in english language, i would have found it easily. I'm very glad, I can use the Programm in german language ;-)

Thank you anyway...


13/04-21 15:54