Just can't get it to work.

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#1 : 05/04-21 22:47
Gina Jet Ortiz
Gina Jet Ortiz
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I've gone thru the instructions 100 times. I know I'm doing everything right. It even says that the files were successful, but when I look in the orig folder, the files are still not renamed.

I'm trying to remove the numbers and characters from the prefix of my song titles. Are the modified files being sent to outer space after being renamed? Either that or this software simply does not work. Glad I didn't spend the $20 bucks.

05/04-21 22:47
#2 : 06/04-21 10:45
David Lee
David Lee
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Firstly - are you sure that renaming has failed? There is a bug in Windows 10 that sometimes prevents it from refreshing an Explorer window if the contents of a folder have been changed externally. Try pressing F5 whilst in Windows Explorer to manually refresh the display.

Otherwise you must be doing something wrong and we cannot help you unless you explain exactly what you are trying to do and how you are attempting to achieve it.

06/04-21 10:45