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#1 : 07/04-21 17:17
Alfred E. Neumann
Alfred E. Neumann
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Hi all,
I have been reading a lot, but it just will not work.
I would like to change files like
Dan Brown - Diabolus.epub
Brown Dan - Diabolus.epub
which should, according to the help, not be difficult.
I used Replace with regular expression,
(<Word:1>) (<Word:2>) (<Word:3>)
\2 \1 \3
But I get the message , if I click on "replace by"
Error in regular expression at offset 2: reference to non-existing subpattern.
what am I doing wrong? what did I misunderstand?

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#2 : 07/04-21 20:24
David Lee
David Lee
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You are confusing two different methods. The <Word:x> tag RETURNS the xth word in the filename.

Either use New name = <Word:2> <Word:1> - <Word:3>

or the Replace method with...
Text to be replaced: (\w*) (\w*)
Replace with: \2 \1
Occurrence: 1st
Use regular expressions

07/04-21 20:24
#3 : 07/04-21 21:47
Alfred E. Neumann
Alfred E. Neumann
Posts: 2
Thanks a lot. Both solutions are working. Great piece of software, and great support!!!
Sorry, did not understand that I cannot mix the two methods. :-(

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#4 : 07/04-21 22:16
David Lee
David Lee
Posts: 1125
Reply to #3:
You can mix - but not in the way you suggested.


Replace: \w* \w*
with: <Word:2> <Word:1>

07/04-21 22:16