Year Created, Month Created and Day Created not working

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#1 : 11/04-21 16:39
John Johnson
John Johnson
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When using the following tag with 10 images that incorporate "Created" metadata and the images taken over a several months, the result shows a single date created for all images.

<Year Created>_<Month Created>_<Day Created>_<Inc Nr:001>
Results in all files showing 2021_02_24

Actual Date Created in original files vary from 11/2/2020 to 1/26/2021.

Any help/explanation will be greatly appreciated.

11/04-21 16:39
#2 : 12/04-21 00:30
David Lee
David Lee
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Windows sets the Created Date when you copy a file to the PC - ie it is the date that the copy of the file was created by Windows NOT the date that the original file was created by the camera. The Windows "Modified Date" is more likely to be more reliable (unless you have edited the image).

However metadata saved in the file itself should be available using an ExifTool tag. Look for something like <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> or <ExifTool:CreateDate> - the exact tag name can vary depending on the camera that generated the file.

The Windows datestamps are exposed by ExifTool as <ExifTool:FileModifyDate>, <ExifTool:FileCreateDate> & <ExifTool:FileAccessDate>

12/04-21 00:30 - edited 12/04-21 00:31
#3 : 12/04-21 03:47
John Johnson
John Johnson
Posts: 8
Reply to #2:
Excellent. Thanks much David. It works!!. Just have to figure our the correct Nikon Tag.

12/04-21 03:47