How to remove duplicate words in file name?

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#1 : 17/04-21 02:35
The Jackal
The Jackal
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How to remove duplicate words in one file name??

Some times when I use multiple Methods; I end up with many duplicate words in one single file, for examples:
= File Name Name.txt
= File File Name.txt
= File Name File Name.txt

How Can I clean these duplicates and make the final result = File Name.txt

17/04-21 02:35
#2 : 17/04-21 11:56
David Lee
David Lee
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Replace: \b(([a-z]+\s+[a-z]+)|([a-z]+))\s+\1\b
with: \1
Occurrence: All
NOT Case sensitive
USE regular expressions

Edit: If your "words" can contain numerical digits then use...
Replace: \b((\w+\s+\w+)|(\w+))\s+\1\b

but note that \w (word character) will also match an underscore

ie \w is a shortcut for [A-Za-z0-9_]

17/04-21 11:56 - edited 17/04-21 17:06
#3 : 17/04-21 20:21
The Jackal
The Jackal
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Reply to #2:

Never in a million years did I think I'd figure it out on my own.
Really, thank you so much for the help.

17/04-21 20:21