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#1 : 20/04-21 07:34
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I'm trying to mark only files with the word "imdb" in the file name. Once marked I'll use the replace method to change the file extention.

Using "mark by pattern" then choosing "use regular expressions", I'm trying different variants of
\w [imdb]
^\w [imdb]&

but just get errors "a regular expression specified in RegEx is required"


20/04-21 07:34
#2 : 20/04-21 08:17
David Lee
David Lee
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Mark by pattern has been broken since the introduction of version 3.84 ( 8. oct. 2018). Kim has promised that it will be fixed in ver 3.88.

Try adding a directory and use a filter to add only files with names containing imdb.

The Mask: *imdb* should do it

20/04-21 08:17
#3 : 20/04-21 15:22
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Reply to #2:
Ah, thank you. That worked.

20/04-21 15:22 - edited 20/04-21 15:25