adding files number to zip file name

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#1 : 26/04-21 12:19
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Is it possible to rename zip file by adding the number of files it includes?

similar to <Num Files> ?


26/04-21 12:19
#2 : 27/04-21 00:54
David Lee
David Lee
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Check out the <ExifTool:Warning> tag. I can't guarantee that it will always work - however, for all zip filenames I have tested, it has returned "[minor] Use the Duplicates option to extract tags for all N files" - where N is the total number of files and folders in the zip archive. (I assume that this "warning" refers to the stand-alone version of ExifTool and isn't really intended to be a tag).

So Try...
Add: <ExifTool:Warning>
At index: 0

followed by...
Replace: \[minor\D*(\d*)\D*
with: _\1
Use regular expressions

27/04-21 00:54 - edited 27/04-21 20:00
#3 : 30/04-21 16:01
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Reply to #2:

Nice trick :-)
Works for me though. Thanks a lot.

30/04-21 16:01