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#1 : 03/05-21 05:12
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i want to change this:

this 1.jpg
this 1.mp4
this 1.webm
that 1.jpg
that 1.mp4
that 1.webm

to this:

this 1.jpg
this 2.mp4
this 3.webm
that 1.jpg
that 2.mp4
that 3.webm

can someone please show me how to do this if it's possible? thank you

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#2 : 03/05-21 08:53
David Lee
David Lee
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Assuming that your example hasn't oversimplified the problem the jpg files are already correctly named and it is simply a matter of renumbering all mp4 files as 2 and all webm files as 3.

Use a List replace method with two entries...

1) Replace: 1.mp4 with: 2.mp4
2) Replace: 1.webm with: 3.webm

Apply to: Name and extension

03/05-21 08:53