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#1 : 21/05-21 03:24
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I have a ton of bin/cue file sets that are sitting in the root of a directory and I want each set to have their own directory within the root.

Easily accomplished with the batch move command and the name without extension tag

But each set has some extra files associated that throw it off a (Track 01) thing which results in each file getting a folder.

I can not rename the files to omit the track parts of the file name as that would break the cue file.

Is there a way the batch file mover can ignore specific phrases and numbering schemes?

21/05-21 03:24
#2 : 21/05-21 09:54
David Lee
David Lee
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That's the best answer that you can expect without properly explaining your problem!

You need to provide representative examples.

21/05-21 09:54
#3 : 21/05-21 22:23
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Ok, here is a scenario

I have five files I want in the same folder.

X (Track 1).bin
X (Track 2).bin
X (Track 3).bin

with the name without extension modifier Advanced renamer will create the folders and put x.cue and x.bin in the correct folder. It will also create folders for x (track 1).bin x (track 2).bin and x (track 3).bin separate from the rest.

How can I make advanced renamer ignore certain parts of the file name?

21/05-21 22:23
#4 : 22/05-21 08:45
David Lee
David Lee
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You will need to use a Script method.

Use the code:

folder =*?(?=( \(Track \d+\))|$)/)[0];
item.newPath = item.path + folder;

22/05-21 08:45