Zeroing out only the time portion of a timestamp

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#1 : 21/05-21 19:49
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Windows 10 user.

I have a series of folders where I want to use the TimeStamp method to remove / zero-out only the time portion of the Date Created.

Example, if Date Created of a folder = 09-07-2021 13:25:09, then I want the new Date Created to be 09-07-2021 00:00:00

I have tried tinkering with Delta as well Absolute times of the Timestamp Method in ARen, but they do not let me zero out only the time portion of a date attribute.

Any help is greatly appreciated, including an external program (not ideal, but will do too).

21/05-21 19:49
#2 : 22/05-21 17:18
David Lee
David Lee
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Add the Date Created timestamp to the foldername, with hms all set to zero. Then, in a second batch, reset the Created Date timestamp using the Filename Pattern and delete the temporary timestamp from the foldername.

First Batch:
Add method...
Add: <Year Created><Month Created><Day Created>000000#
At index: 0

Run Batch, reloading all folders

Second Batch:
1) Timestamp method...
Apply to: Created date and time
Filename pattern: <Year><Month><Day><hour><min><sec>

2) Replace method...
Text to be replaced: *#

Make sure that none of the folders are selected in Windows Explorer - otherwise you may get a 101 Error. When testing this I had to close Explorer completely to make it work!

It should be possible to carry this out in a single step by resetting item.createdDate in a script. However I think this is broken since the script will correctly set the New Created Date in Advanced Renamer's List but this value is not applied to the file when you run the batch.

22/05-21 17:18