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#1 : 25/05-21 15:35
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Is it possible, to change the language of the tagged city and country?
I live in germany an want the german expressions...

For example:
Tagged Country: Switzerland

wanted expression:
Tagged Country: Schweiz

Thank you very much!

25/05-21 15:35
#2 : 28/05-21 09:08
David Lee
David Lee
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There are two issues...

1) Advanced Renamer simply reads the information as saved in the file metadata
2) Metadata support is read-only - ie Advanced Renamer cannot rewrite tags.

So the language of metadata tags is determined by the device or software that wrote or edited the image file and all Advanced Renamer can do is retrieve this information.

If you want to add the country names from the metadata to the filenames then you will have to add them as saved in the file (eg using <GPS Country> or <ExifTool:Country>) and then use Advanced Renamer methods to translate the names into German.

The simplest method would be to use the List replace method with one line for each country...

eg Replace: Switzerland with: Schweiz

If you want to change the metadata saved in the files then Advanced Renamer cannot help and you will have to look for another application. It's possible that you may be able to achieve this using the stand-alone version of ExifTool run from a script or batch file.

28/05-21 09:08