Thank you! Right click context menu

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#1 : 05/06-21 14:45
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This is AWESOME! I am so happy you made this! Thank you for being so generous! I am just starting to use this, and it is incredibly helpful. :)

Have you considered adding a right click context menu option for windows? I know I would definitely use that if you added it.

Again, thanks so much!

05/06-21 14:45
#2 : 05/06-21 14:57
David Lee
David Lee
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It's already there - Program->Environment->"Explorer Context Menu".
Gives you "Add to Advanced Renamer".

A slight annoyance is that it always adds the selected files or folders into a new instance of the program. However - to add into an existing instance you can use drag-and-drop.

05/06-21 14:57