Capitalize only the first letter after the first dash

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#1 : 10/06-21 08:28
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How to convert only the first letter to uppercase after the first dash separator?
From: any text - any. any text - any text
any text - ANY. ANY Text - ANY TEXT
To: any text - Any. any text - any text

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#2 : 10/06-21 11:06
David Lee
David Lee
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Easy - when you know how!

Use a Replace method with a regular expression. The trick is to use \Ux and \Lx instead of \x in the replacement string. These return the xth captured group converted to upper and lower case respectively. This is not included in the basic introduction to regex in the User Guide but see for more details.


Replace: (- *\w)(.*)
with: \U1\L2
Use regular expressions

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Thank you David. The solution working also in Notepad++.
Replace with: $1\U$2\L

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