Problems with windows MAX_PATH and moving files

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#1 : 13/06-21 00:05
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Since windows version 1607 you can have paths longer than 256 characters (MAX_PATH) by setting the registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\LongPathsEnabled but programs must be able to handle such longer filenames.

If I try to move some files from a deep directory to another directory (that in the 256 limit) I _can_ add the files (despite them being in long paths) but when actually moving them I get the error `101: Unknown error: The system cannot find the path specified`.

It would be really useful if you program could support files > MAX_PATH. I'm often using Advanced Renamer to cleanup downloaded files and often they end up in a rather deep directory structure which I then have to manually shorten first.

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~ Mike

PS: I only tested it with the conditions described above (moving the files from long dir to valid dir), but it probably also happens in other cases (renaming, copying, moving into long dir, ...)

13/06-21 00:05
#2 : 18/06-21 12:01
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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A new version of Advanced Renamer will soon be released. In beta at least. It will have better support for long path names. It is not perfect and will not work for all features. Drag and drop of long file names will not work. But renaming, moving and copying will do work. Only the 64 bit version (default version) will be updated to support this.

18/06-21 12:01
#3 : 19/06-21 04:43
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Thanks, that sounds great.
Copy/Rename/Move are the core features, so as long as they work I'm happy :D

19/06-21 04:43