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#1 : 13/06-21 21:24
Elmer B. Fuddled
Elmer B. Fuddled
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After updating AR to the latest version (3.87), I am not able to register my license key. This is an old issue. I contacted you once before when the new version came out, but was never able to correct the situation. Am giving it another go.

When I try to register the key I get the message Error Communicating with Server." In addition, clicking the "Check for an Update" link results in the message "Could not check for updates." I have reinstalled the program and rebooted a few times and made sure the firewall was allowing access.

I tried to send this message along with my license key to the email ", but that bounced. I'm really hoping to get this resolved and have no clue how to proceed further.
Can you please help?

Thank you kindly,

Deck Bargy

13/06-21 21:24 - edited 13/06-21 21:28
#2 : 18/06-21 12:05
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
This problem is related to one of the following:
1. Firewall issues
2. Insufficient permissions for the folder containing program settings. Installing a portable version on top of an installable version can have this result. Only removing the folder manually can resolve the problem.
3. Running Windows 7 or prior

If you send the license key to me by email, I can activate it for you.

18/06-21 12:05