Problem to rename files.

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#1 : 22/06-21 09:15
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My name is Reza.
I’ve used your software for rename my files.
Today I face a problem to rename my files. I’ve tried lots of method, but it hasn’t worked.
Please help me to find the solution.
I have lots of file downloaded from youtube and all of them have special suffix at the end (some trivial code). I want to remove these trivial codes at the end of my files.
For example this file has this name:
And I want to remove this: _[C85pvi87WK8]_[tag18]
I know the pattern is: _[???????????]_[?????]
But I couldn’t find a correct method to remove this irritating suffix.
In addition you can see the screenshot of my files in attachment.
I need your help to solve my problem.
Thanks a lot.

22/06-21 09:15
#2 : 22/06-21 10:43
David Lee
David Lee
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Remove pattern method...
Pattern: _[*

This works for the example you give.
It removes everything after, and including, the first instance of "_[" in each filename.

Alternatively - just remove the last 22 characters from the filename...

Remove method...
Remove count: 22
Starting at: 1

22/06-21 10:43
#3 : 23/06-21 12:00
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #1:

The reason that your pattern fails is that the "?" wildcard does not appear to work in Advanced Renamer (although "*" does).

However you can write your original pattern as a Regular Expression: "_\[...........\]_\[.....\]"

which can be abbreviated as "_\[.{11}\]_\[.{5}\]"

23/06-21 12:00
#4 : 06/12-21 12:52
Mark Green
Mark Green
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Reply to #1:
Hi! For renaming files you can try Long path Tool. It is very useful.

06/12-21 12:52