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#1 : 22/07-21 14:24
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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I submitted these enhancement requests back in Sept 2012 and again in 2020...

I am submitting these enhancement requests once again hoping they reach Kim Jensen and/or the AREN development team...

I have well over two dozen different AREN method files and it would be great to know which one I have loaded.

When you load a saved method, it would be nice to display the name of the saved method in the title bar or the command toolbar.

For example:

Title bar: Advanced Renamer 3.87 (Method: MCD-File-Rename-Based-on-DirName.aren)

Command Toolbar: ... Undo Previous Batch / Start Batch (Method: MCD-File-Rename-Based-on-DirName.aren)

It would also be nice that when you click the "Save" button that it defaults to the loaded method name rather than displaying a list of all AREN files in the BatchMethods folder that I then have to manually pick. A couple times I accidentally picked the wrong AREN file and overwrote the wrong file.

Thanks for considering these 2 fairly simple but useful enhancements.

Sailor Guy

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#2 : 28/08-21 23:22
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Reply to #1:
Hi, I support these requests, with variation- (I THINK IT IS REFERRING TO PRESETS?)

The first request, would be great if current preset could show highlighted in the "presets" dropdown (when it is collapsed, shown in the box itself);
And, if unsaved changes have been made, bold with a asterisk at the start? :)

The second request, would be helpful to have the preset name in the Undo dialog, beside the job dates listed

The third request - would be great if currently loaded preset name could be preloaded in the File name box in the saveas dialog (not essential, if the name is shown in the preset dropdown).

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#3 : 08/09-21 12:29
Adrian Militaru
Adrian Militaru
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xxAdrian_20210908_130124 Advanced Renamer by Kim Jensen - Feature Request, Suggestion - Reflect AREN File Name on top of Window - So we know what script is in use

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https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uN8pA5ynZk2v 5V5HTogEO306m-IDRW-d2aiSw1Pm9zM/edit?usp =sharing

xxAdrian_20210908_131052 - Title - What Support says - Encouraging Feedback, Suggestions, and Requests, etc

No matter how good a piece of software is, it still needs to have good support available. If you are having problems please contact me directly by e-mail, or use the discussion forum.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_0uyqlKCWL-WbBZ 2GfIDkYsfV4Rnztkh/view?usp=sharing
\\eq6\s10\S (I)\Kits\Advanced Renamer (I)\Kits\xxAdrian_20171029_021526-M-A-h Advanced Renamer 3.80\xxAdrian_20210908_131141.jpg

xxAdrian_20210908_130306 - Title - Feature Request - Add Reflect AREN File Name on top of Window - So we know what script is in use ...!

Dear Kim (Jensen) Friend and Great Author of Advanced Renamer ...!

Thank You Very Much for your Great Software - for which I have purchased a personal license so far ...!

I join the colleagues in forums asking for an identical or some with much welcome additional fine-tuned suggestions feature request -

I Very Kindly ask and suggest to you, to add a feature, that is HIGHLY USEFUL, and hopefully, that is not very hard for you to add ... - id est …

Add Reflect AREN File Name on top of Window - So we know what script is in use ...!

see sample picture uploaded at - (since this forum does not support direct-attach, posting of pictures, screenshots, etc) ...!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UJbJYJweKst-ItE wEYFhg1hFkembfqZ4/view?usp=sharing
\\eq6\s10\S (I)\Kits\Advanced Renamer (I)\Kits\xxAdrian_20171029_021526-M-A-h Advanced Renamer 3.80\xxAdrian_20210908_130503.jpg.(AN)20210908_130539.jpg

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The feature should be added in such a way that is also shown, visible in e.g. Windows 10 Vertical list in Taskbar ...!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wz_Q9d18cgQmQSD CrhHw_2D-DQFj9O6-/view?usp=sharing
\\eq6\s10\S (I)\Kits\Advanced Renamer (I)\Kits\xxAdrian_20171029_021526-M-A-h Advanced Renamer 3.80\xxAdrian_20210908_134803 As shown via 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.jpg

xxAdrian_20210908_134910 - Title - The Vertical List is obtained via [7+ Taskbar Tweaker]

The Vertical List is obtained via [7+ Taskbar Tweaker] …!

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1grQFdVIW9YsVuqV IR2MDzddNHd7krTo-/view?usp=sharing
\\eq6\s10\S (I)\Kits\7+ Taskbar Tweaker (I)\Kits\xxAdrian_20191102_232300-M-A-h-i 7+ Taskbar Tweaker\xxAdrian_20191102_234535.jpg.(AN)20191208_095926 activate - List - Drag to Reorder.jpg

xxAdrian_20210908_142642 - Title - Thank You in Advance and Have a Nice and Great Day Everyone!


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