How to regex exclude a list of extensions in the "Add Folder" dialog box

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#1 : 25/07-21 19:56
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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I have a several hundred folder/subfolder tree that I want to add the files to the list group. Among the thousands of files are file types (extensions) I don't want to include in the list.

I know I can uncheck/exclude files individually once they are in the list and I know I can specify a "valid extension list" in the Filename Mask (like *.jpg;*.log) to include specific file types. But what I would prefer to do is use the "Regular expression match" field and "Not Matching" option in the "Add Folder" dialog box to filter out files with one or more invalid extensions like ".script" ".cli" ".ti*" (etc.).

I know I can enter a single "\.script$" in the Regular expression match and check the "Not Matching" option to exclude a single extension. But how do I specify multiple extensions like \.script$ \.log$ \.txt$

Thank you for any help.

Sailor Guy

25/07-21 19:56
#2 : 27/07-21 09:26
David Lee
David Lee
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Just separate the options with the regex alternation operator ('|' = OR).

eg '\.script$|\.log$|\.txt$'

27/07-21 09:26