ID3 version 1 vs. version 2

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#1 : 26/07-21 19:05
Victor Peters
Victor Peters
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I've recently been working on renaming all files in my mp3 collection.

I've found out that, despite having the application set to first look for ID3v2 and then to ID3v1, with files that only contain ID3v1 tags the application isn't able to find the ID3 tags.

To solve this, I use Winamp to copy the ID3v1 tag's to the ID3v2 tags.

After this, when I open the files again in the application, this time it's able to find the ID3 tags.

It seems to me that I've run into a small bug.

I like the program a lot. But having to resort to the workaround described above is a time consuming.

26/07-21 19:05