Can't sort new file names column

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#1 : 27/07-21 16:53
Axel Mertes
Axel Mertes
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Hi Kim,

I am using Advanced Renamer 3.87, Windows 10 x64...

I am trying to sort the preview of output names by clicking on the tile field above them column, but it does not work.

However, the exact same works fine for the source names, ordering either upward or downwards.

It would be cool if we can click on any headline to sort it either up- or downwards for that column.


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#2 : 28/07-21 16:39
David Lee
David Lee
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It would be a handy feature but unfortunately could have serious unintended consequences. The New Filename column is populated by the new names after all methods in the list have been applied. If you were to reorder the list based on these new names then the order in which the files are modified by all previous methods will also be changed, which is quite likely to cause problems - an obvious example would be if one of the previous methods were to include an <Inc Nr> tag or a script based on the original file ordering in the list.

A simple workaround is to run the batch, reloading all files. Then you can reorder the list on the basis of the new source names - as renamed by the previous methods.

28/07-21 16:39
#3 : 29/07-21 01:15
Axel Mertes
Axel Mertes
Posts: 8
Reply to #2:

I understand your points.

For me it is not intended as really changing the order of the list internally at all, it should just allow an easier review of the conversion results.

As far as I understand the concept, the files will be processed in the order of the input list. If I change from downward sorting to upwart sorting it should not necessarily change the order of processing in that case. Anyhow, if that is the way it is intended, then fine, I will find a work around then.

It would be cool if I could at least select a coloum or parts of it and copy it e.g. to Excel or similar software to check there.

Not a show stopper, after all.

Thanks for pointing this out!


29/07-21 01:15