Move Batch with file extension included in folder name

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#1 : 06/08-21 09:12
Nik Mgl
Nik Mgl
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I have found couple of old posts and unfortunately with no solution. And I can't reply to those posts.

I have files with different file name lengths and extensions. I want to move those files by creating folders for each file with file name and extension.

File-1.jpg moved to folder File-1.jpg\File-1.jpg
File-2.pdf moved to folder File-2.pdf\File-2.pdf

I have tried <Substr:1:300> command but it creates a folder with a file name without the extension. Is there a way to include extension in the folder name?

06/08-21 09:12
#2 : 06/08-21 09:25
Nik Mgl
Nik Mgl
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Reply to #1:

<Substr:1:300:>.<Ext> did the the trick.

Thank you for developing a helpful software

06/08-21 09:25
#3 : 07/08-21 14:22
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #2:
You could just use <Name>.<Ext>

07/08-21 14:22