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#1 : 25/08-21 03:43
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Hi, kim, can you support rename in place? (maybe via buffer or something

For example, I have 3 files (1.txt/2.txt/3.txt), rename rules below return error

1.txt -> 2.txt // error file existed
2.txt -> 3.txt // error file existed
3.txt -> 4.txt // valid

However all rules are valid when renaming using Total Commander
It automatically solved said problem and returns 2.txt/3.txt/4.txt in one run

I don't know how it did it, maybe quietly move to a temp folder and move back or something

Can advanced renamer support this feature too please? It's very convenient for photos/documents handling

25/08-21 03:43
#2 : 25/08-21 14:19
David Lee
David Lee
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In this case simply reverse the order of files in the List:

3.txt -> 4.txt
2.txt -> 3.txt
1.txt -> 2.txt

25/08-21 14:19
#3 : 25/08-21 18:30
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Reply to #2:

It's just a simple demo, it won't work for all realistic (complicated) scenario

25/08-21 18:30