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#1 : 25/08-21 04:31
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There's a "edit filename" mode in Total Commander, which is super convenient for quick editing of small amout of file names, similar to "List" method of advanced renamer

I'll show how it works in TC and AR first, then how I wish to improve it

File Edit of TC:
1. Select few files in TC then click "rename" button
2. Click "Edit Filename" button, a temporary text file that contains the filename list will be generated by TC and opened with text editor (it can be customized by user)
3. Now you can edit filename list directly with your trustful editor, save and close the temporary file when you're done
4. Click yes to load the change of filename list temporary file

File Edit (List method) of Advanced Renamer:
1. Select 1 file and right click it to open AR, then drag target files into it. Because AR doesn't support single instance and I don't have the permission to add context menu on company PC
2. Add batch method "List"
3. Click "populate list"
4. Click "Yes"
5. Copy all content in the text box and paste them to my trustful text editor
6. Edit filenames, then paste back when I'm done
7. Few more tedious actions like close my text editor, and click "no" when it ask me what to do when being closed with unsaved content

As I showed above, AR can "edit name" with combined actions, but kind of unclean and tedious
Kim, could you please tweak the "list" a little to support direct "edit name" mode?

For example
1. Add "edit name" button to "List" method, when user click it, generate temporary file of filename list and open it with editor (notepad.exe as default and can be changed in setting)
2. Add "load" button which is only enabled when said temporary file created. When user click it, fill text box with the temp file content
3. Remove unnecessary confirm dialog or make it optional in settings :)

25/08-21 04:31