BUG : When 0 bytes free on drive

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#1 : 14/09-21 19:13
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Advanced Renamer will get stuck in an infinite error loop at the Start Renaming dialog if the drive has 0 bytes free.
All buttons will lead to an error dialog popup.
There is no way to exit the program at this point.

On another note - I absolutely love Advanced Renamer! It's worth every penny. Thank you for your hard work and constant updates!

14/09-21 19:13
#2 : 14/09-21 22:36
David Lee
David Lee
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Attempting to write to a drive with no free space will break most software!
You can kill the Aren process from Task Manager

Ctrl+Alt+Del or right click the taskbar

Select Task Manager -> Processes Tab

Right click the Aren App and select "End task"

14/09-21 22:36