take "Ursprung/Aufhnamedatum" for a new name

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#1 : 25/09-21 11:29
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hi all

I tried all the date fields that I found including the image tag date fields, but I could not find the one I really need. Ursprung (source?) Auhfnahmedatum (capture date?). see print screen?

https://imgshare.io/image/screenshot-2021-09-25- 112622.pomiO9

Is it possible with Advanced renamer, if so what variable would it be and if not, does anyone now how this would be possible with e.g. powershell?

many thanks.


25/09-21 11:29
#2 : 25/09-21 11:40
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Reply to #1:

I think I have found it via the Exif Tool:


In addition I have to replace some charactars, but I think I get what I need ;)

thanks for this superb tool!!!

25/09-21 11:40